Linwood Engineering is constantly searching for new coworkers in both their east and west coast offices. Our selection process is largely based on technical competence, computer skills, and personality. Candidates must be strong in all three fields to be considered for employment.

The good news is that employment at Linwood Engineering is not a job, it is a career. We will cultivate your knowledge base, push you to new challenges, and reward you for your hard work like no other engineering firm you are considering. Once you are in, you are family. Our employees look forward to weekdays just as much as they look forward to weekends.

Linwood Engineering is an anti-corporate work environment. We employ a horizontal management system that challenges each employee to define their own path of success. If you believe you have what it takes to join the Linwood team, we encourage you to email your resume to .
Scott Davenport
Scott Davenport, PE, LEED AP
Senior Associate

Linwood Engineering is an equal opportunity employer.

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